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7/972 Riversdale Road, SURREY HILLS

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We Could Say We’ve Saved The Best Til Last

The fact is that each of the eight apartments in this superb, boutique complex really could claim to be the best. But there is no question here, that the position and facilities on offer at 7/972 Riversdale are right up there. [Investors and Home Seekers take note; LONG SETTLEMENT available to suit.] Suffice to say, 972 Riversdale is one place to get your life back. Indeed, life should be about living…not about spending every weekend and dollar at the hardware store; so maybe it’s time take a deep breath, sit back and relax…catch a tram ride at the front door and enjoy the pace… look out of the windows instead of just the tail lights in front. Or stretch out your balcony, put your feet up…do the crossword, or surf the whole world on our tablet. And when was the last time you strolled through a park like Wattle Park, your new backyard… where someone else mows the lawn. Or how about taking time to make new friends as you mingle in the largely undiscovered but increasingly popular Through Road Village. Whether you’re young or old, starting out or downsizing – life is not about squeezing into tight schedules and smaller spaces – and we’re not talking small anyway with 84m2 + internally – it’s about upsizing your mind, body and soul…every day, it’s about re-living your youth… joining a club, going back to uni’ … writing that novel…or launching a new drop-shipping store! When your surroundings provide you the comfort and security you deserve, who knows where your life might take you.

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