To home stage or not?

It has never been a more competitive time to put your home on the market, as you are up against properties of all types and often of pretty high standards. In recent years hiring furniture to decorate your home to make it more appealing for buyers has become almost the norm. Buyers expect a certain polished look these days and it certainly gives you an advantage over properties that have not been staged.

But what if you don’t want to hire furniture or simply can’t afford the expense? Are you making a big mistake by not getting the stylist in with their furniture? The alternative is DIY and use what you have.

Here’s some tips that can make the difference between a quick sale and your house sitting unsold for months:

  1. Rearrange your furniture in each room, keeping in mind, less is more. The aim here is to lead buyers’ eyes to each room’s best qualities. Don’t over clutter a space with loads of little items of furniture. Consider moving bulky furniture and appliances into storage so you can allow your home to shine. If you have to add in key pieces of furniture & homewares consider borrowing items from family or friends for the duration of the sales campaign.
  2. Create a sense of luxury and comfort
    You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your home feel welcoming and luxurious. By simply, displaying fresh-cut flowers in a beautful vase and adding textured cushions to sofas and beds can make a home look inviting and high-end. Candles or bottles of top-brand soaps are great styling tools to add upmarket style to your home. Candles also lend lovely fragrance to the air as buyers move through the house.
  3. Fluffy white towels in the bathroom
    Nothing looks as fresh and clean as fluffy white towels in your bathroom. Buy new towels for the occasion and only use them during open-for-inspections & photography.
  4. Add in a rug
    A simple way to add some impact to your living spaces is to start from the ground up – using an area rug. Rugs are practical, provide warmth and comfort… But, when selling, it’s important to know they can also can provide an instant face lift to your home. They are often considered ‘artwork for the floor’, and will make rooms photograph well for property ads.

Written by Tania Bell from Green Room Interiors


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