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Tracy Zhang

Property Consultant

702 Doncaster Road, Doncaster, 3108


"You are an amazing worker. Your quick response amazed me. You are doing your job really well. Keep up the good work! Our world certainly needs more people like you. Thank you! Congratulation to Noel Jones having someone like you who works in the company"
Owner, Bulleen

With outstanding interpersonal skills and exceptional customer service, Tracy is prepped and well equipped to extend and maintain client relationships.

Previously working in retail banking, Tracy moved into Property Management where she has been for a number of years. She is quickly becoming an integral part of Noel Jones Doncaster property management team. Professional and efficient, with a friendly and bubbly personality, Tracy is an attentive, prominent and collaborative team member.

Committed to implementing the many and varied skills she obtained while managing investment properties, Tracy is especially motivated to look after her clients and their portfolio of properties as if she is looking after her own family.

When Tracy is not busy attending to her clients’ needs she enjoys spending time with family, walking, Pilates/yoga, wining and dining.