Refreshing your home for the new season

As we await spring to arrive and cajole us with longer days and fun in the sun, it’s the perfect time to ensure our home is as ready as we are. Just as we have weathered the cold depths of winter, so has our home – to make sure we both enter the new season with a “spring” in our step, there are a few jobs we can do to put our best foot forward and enjoy the warmer weather.

Go clean

Of course, we can’t embrace spring without some spring cleaning; winter leaves its mark on our home. One of the most effective jobs is giving windows a thorough clean, inside and out, to remove all the dust, cobwebs and dirt, so you can see outside with a clear, refreshed view. Weatherboard homes benefit from an all-over exterior brush down to remove dust and dirt leftover from wild weather. While you’re at it, wiping down and cleaning cabinets, mirrors and hard-to-reach places, such as hanging lights, rangehoods and dust-filled air vents, will have your home feeling as fresh as a daisy indoors.

Go light

As the weather starts to heat up, you’ll no longer crave woollen throws and moody winter hues. It’s time to put away heavier soft furnishings and embrace lighter textiles, such as linen and cotton. Introduce a lightweight blanket for the cool spring evenings. Spruce up your bed decor with pastels, florals or airy neutrals. Check out the esteemed Pantone 2021 spring colour guide for inspiration – which fancies hues such as marigold, coral, buttercream and mint – to use through throws, cushions, curtains, rugs and even tableware. It’s an effective way to change your home’s look and feel for a celebratory spring atmosphere. If you’re feeling extra inspired, consider a fresh lick of new paint in a bedroom or living room to enliven the space.

Go green

Spring is emblematic of growth and green goes hand-in-hand. Once your windows are sparkling and you can spy the outside greenery, bring some indoors. One or two indoor plants not only create a pleasing springtime freshness but, as an added bonus, many also help detoxify and clean the air. If you already have indoor greenery, stock up on some fertilizer for a springtime feed to promote great growth. Outside, embrace colourful spring blooms with flowers such as daisies, snapdragons and foxgloves, which can all thrive in an outdoor pot or window box and add unmistakable springtime cheer.

Spring is brimming with the promise of rejuvenation and renewal; take this atmosphere into your home for a fresh start with a spot of cleaning, gardening and interior decorating to honour the change of season. After a cold and testing winter, your home will feel beautifully restored, and so will you.




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