Strengthening our local communities through grants to increase training, support and resources in our local areas


We support 3 main groups in our communities:
• Charity Groups and Events
• Junior Sports Stars and Clubs
• Schools and Kinders


If selected, the winning group will receive one payment of $1000, with one winner being selected each month. Each recipient will go into the draw for a further yearly grant of $5000


A percentage of each sale made through the Noel Jones network is apportioned to Noel Jones CSP to support our local communities


If your organisation or event falls within our support categories you may apply for a Noel Jones CSP grant. Applicants can apply once per financial quarter, (and will need to reapply each quarter to be reconsidered for the next round of grants) with nominations being judged on the following criteria:
- Groups and organisations that aim to support and strengthen our local communities
- Groups and organisations that are in close proximity to the Noel Jones network
- Groups and organisations that provide opportunities for Noel Jones staff to participate and volunteer

Applications must be received by 5pm on the last day of the last month of the quarter for the following round of grants consideration with a committee group deciding the winner each month.

Key Dates

Quarter 3 - 2024 Applications Open 1st Jun - 30th Jun 2024
Quarter 4 - 2024 Applications Open 1st Sep - 30th Sep 2024

To be considered, please fill in the application form below or print off and send to Noel Jones CSP Nominations, Level 1, 554 Whitehorse Road, Mitcham, 3132.


If reapplying please click here to update your details.

Noel Jones CSP Recipients

Grant Winner Testimonials

Noel Jones is proud to have worked with:

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