The feel-good spring clean

Contemplating a spring clean is intimidating, let alone physically cleaning the home from top to bottom. But a targeted approach can be fruitful without the traditional frenzy.

The guiding rule of a smarter spring clean is to declutter, wipe, sanitise and organise areas that are essentially hidden from view, but make the biggest impact in how we feel about our home.

Little jobs, such as wiping down benchtops, vacuuming the floor and mopping, get done regardless of the season, they are every-day or every-week chores. It’s the stuff on the inside that counts.

Take on a smarter, feel-good clean that will have you feeling in charge and inspired.

Before you start, gather a cleaning box or cart to fill with the things you’ll need, such as a cleaning spray, a window and glass cleaner, a disinfectant, a dustpan, and cloth.

Regain control of your storage

Take stock of the wardrobes, cupboards and drawers in your home. Reorganise your clothes and footwear. Store clean winter shoes and clothes for next year; fold and harmonise your attire for the warmer weather in easy-to-see order; give clothes and shoes you don’t wear to charity, or the bin; vacuum your shoe area and arrange them in neat pairs; and last, but not least, get rid of bent and tangled hangers. In the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, take out cutlery, plates, bowls, medicine cabinet supplies and all cleaning paraphernalia so the shelves and drawers can be wiped down, refreshed and reorganised, taking stock of what is no longer used.

Give whitegoods some TLC

Microwaves, dryers, washing machines, dishwashers, toasters, fridges and ovens are arguably the hardest working appliances in the home, which all scream out with a spring do-over. Run a washing cycle on the dishwasher and washing machine; you can buy cleaning products designed for this. Clean the dishwasher and washing machine filter and, after the washing cycle, give their insides a sanitising wipe down, too. Refresh the crumb tray in the toaster. Wipe down the microwave and wash the tray. Remove food and drink from the fridge and wipe down all the surfaces, including the inside of drawers. Grab a heavy duty oven cleaning product to give its insides a spruce up, including the trays, racks and window.

Undertake a bathroom and laundry blitz

While not technically hidden from view, sparkling clean tiles, glass, mirrors and grout give instant gratification in an “invisible” way. Visitors won’t notice the just-scrubbed tiles, polished glass, shiny toilet or spotless mirrors, but you can guarantee mould and streaky glass is unmistakable; everyone will feel embraced by a welcoming, hygienic space. A refreshed bathroom and laundry signal a clean slate for the new season.
Spring cleaning doesn’t have to equal an exhaustive list of jobs. Give yourself a gift this season by cleaning out the stuff on the inside – cupboards, drawers, grimy ovens – and you’ll feel reset and organised for the delights of spring.


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