Rohan Calder

Director, Auctioneer
Licensed Estate Agent

67-69 Railway Road, Blackburn, 3130

With a passion for property and an extensive background in sales, a career in this industry seemed like a logical progression. Now, well into his second decade and a director of the business, he is renowned for his honest approach and professional negotiation skills, citing some of the companies most significant listings and sales achievements.

Rohan firmly believes that quality service is remembered long after the sales price is forgotten. He strives to foster solid relationships and prides himself on delivering clients expectations. Equally he appreciates the relationships he nurtures with buyers, which is why he sometimes finds himself selling property for those whom have dealt with him, as they too continue to achieve their property dreams. It’s fair to say Rohan is dedicated to customer service.

Rohan also loves giving advice on his client’s renovation or development projects, and on countless occasions has worked closely with them, using his all-encompassing industry knowledge and his personal building and development experience to ensure they capture the key elements to maximise their investment.

Over the years, Rohan has received prestigious awards for his industry excellence, including a ranking in the top 100 agents in Australia, however he generously recognises that these are team awards; “Teamwork makes the dream work”. Clients too, give Rohan high praise, making statements such as ‘he left no stone unturned to ensure the highest possible price was attained’ and ‘you’ve now allowed our family a range of options that we had never dared dream about’.

Integrity, professionalism and an ethical approach have earned him an unrivalled respect from his clients, the wider Noel Jones team and also from many of his peers within the industry.

When not entrenched in a conversation about the property market, you will find Rohan relaxing with his wife Tanya and their children Rahni, Harry, Miesha and Charlie. He also doesn’t mind a game of golf or a hike in the mountains to unwind and relax.

Speak with Rohan about what it takes to succeed and find out why he loves to live and work locally in this fantastic amenity rich location.

REB Top 60 Agents 2015 / 2016

“There are three choices in life; give up, give in or give it your all.”

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