A peek at 2023 styling forecasts

Fashions come and go, but the new year brings fresh ideas and inspiration. Whether you’re looking to renovate or merely enjoy analysing fashion forecasts, let’s explore some top trends set to influence our homes and beyond. 


Colour’s comeback

After the serene, neutral years of whites and greys dominating homes, vibrancy is taking centre stage as the world embraces its freedom after stressful COVID and lockdowns. Colour is back, with a variety of different hues set to steal the show. Described as “brave and fearless” and “an unconventional shade for an unconventional time”, the Pantone Color Institute’s shade of the year is Viva Magenta. Expect to see a wave of this crimson red hue as designers, manufacturers and savvy style trackers take note. Global trend forecasting agency Fashion Snoops has identified bright green, otherwise known as Bottega Green, as a hue that will continue to inspire with its energetic mood. Connecting with both nature and the digital world, this effervescent shade exudes vibrance and optimism. At international trend forecaster WGSN, they named Digital Lavender as this year’s hero, which “speaks of hope and balance”  and represents “wellness and digital escapism”.


Heirloom, second-hand love

The flat pack love affair is fading: attention is squarely on second-hand furniture and family heirlooms. Tying in with a renewed appreciation for quality craftsmanship and a celebration of individuality, preloved furniture is having its moment – again. Whether it’s mid century, Art Deco or ’80s chic, vintage and second-hand items bring warmth and also get a big eco-friendly tick. “Consumers are no longer interested in coordinated spaces and matching furniture sets,” says ESP Trendlab’s Lindsay Smecker. “They prefer to simply incorporate unique pieces, heirlooms or thrifted finds that they love into their spaces. There is empowerment in finding and owning your personal style, especially in interiors.”


Nature, nurture

The buzzword for this year is “biophilia” – the innate positive response of human beings towards living things, determined by a biological need and contributing towards a state of wellbeing – and it will tie into our homes, as well as work spaces. More than just about plants, it’s about blurring the indoors and outdoors, and in turn enhancing health and happiness. Think lots of natural night, nature-inspired colours, botanical, scenic-inspired wallpaper and an emphasis on natural materials such as wood and stone, with organic shapes and designs. “Seamlessly transitioning outdoor elements indoors through the colour palette, textures, materials, and the huge plant craze will be big trends in 2023,” predicts Krisha Salud, director of interiors at New York’s StudioLAB architects. 


The universal theme in all these trends is a movement towards self-expression, wellbeing and joy. Trend forecasts are a fascinating insight into the mood of the world and a great springboard for ideas when it comes to styling your abode. Pick and choose and go your own way.


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