7 Tips For Finding The Best Real Estate Agents in Melbourne

Finding the right real estate agent in Melbourne is crucial to secure the best sale of your property, but it can be a challenging process. 

To help you in your search, our team at Noel Jones has compiled several points on how to find the best real estate agent that perfectly suits your needs.


How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent in Melbourne 

1. Find an Expert on the Real Estate Market in Melbourne

Do your research not only to find real estate agents located in Melbourne, but local property experts who have an intimate understanding of the market. Working with an agent who can also act as a property consultant will ensure you receive tailored market insights and an opportunity to capitalise on their experience with your desired property type. You may even have access to their database filled with potential buyers for your property, or early access to new listings, offering you that extra edge in the process. 

Questions to ask potential real estate agents include how long they have been working in the area, what properties they have recently sold or listed, defining features in your preferred suburbs, and their success rate.


2. Select Experts Specialising in Your Type of Property

Most real estate agents in Melbourne will offer a selection of services, but it helps to choose those that specialise in the type of property you want to sell. For example, a different approach is required when selling a penthouse apartment in the city compared to a four-bedroom family home in the outer suburbs. 

Ensure your property consultant has knowledge of the specific features of your property that other agents may not possess, as well as the experience to ensure the process is a success. This could be in the world of marketing strategies, handling heritage factors, working through strata issues, and understanding the different demographics of potential buyers. 


3. Ask Your Real Estate Agent Questions About Their Advertising Methods

Your property experts should have the skills, technology and resources to display your home in the best fashion to attract potential buyers. As such, one of the most critical aspects when choosing a real estate agent in Melbourne is to ask them about their marketing strategy and advertising methods. 

Ask questions about the platforms they use to advertise the property, their channels to reach potential buyers, how often they conduct open homes, the use of display furniture, and more. This will give you an idea of how successful the real estate agent’s strategies will likely be for selling a property in Melbourne.


4. Choose the Best-Suited Sale Method for Your Property

Whether you have been flipping homes for decades or are selling your first property, your agent should be able to act as a property consultant that helps you identify the best sale method for your property. From auctions to expressions of interest, the decision is yours, but each method will have its advantages and downsides. Your real estate agent in Melbourne should be able to explain their recommendations to deliver you a fast sale process, a higher selling price, or both.


5. Request Property Market Insights & Comparative Analysis

Another way to assess the suitability of a real estate agent in Melbourne is to ask them for insights into the current market conditions, as well as a comparative analysis of similar properties in the area. 

If your agents are true property experts in the area, they will spend the time reviewing competitor home opens, examining the impact of additional features like swimming pools and air conditioning, and utilising wider economic drivers to give you an overview within real-time property market insights. This report will help you determine if there is strong demand for your property and what prices you could realistically expect. 


6. Test Their Negotiation Capabilities

Your real estate agent is more than a consultant – they are your representative to secure the best deal. Negotiation is a key skill for this process, so it is wise to test their capabilities in this approach. The secret lies in their knowledge of the local area and the broader real estate market in Melbourne, allowing them to confidently communicate the property’s position against comparable homes. Doing so will best advertise your property’s features, redirecting the negotiation process more in your favour to secure an optimal sale price.


7. Learn About Their Support Staff

Finally, it is important to look into the support staff at the real estate agency you choose. You will likely be dealing with a team rather than just one individual, so take some time to investigate their credentials and learn about the services they offer, including answering buyer enquiries, daily administrative duties, and assisting with marketing efforts. This can help ensure that any queries or questions you may have are dealt with efficiently and effectively.


Find Reliable Real Estate Agents for Your Property in Melbourne with Noel Jones

If you are searching for property experts in Melbourne that can provide you with detailed property market insights, reach out to our knowledgeable team at Noel Jones and find an agent today.


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