How To Achieve The Quiet Luxury Interior Styling Trend

How To Achieve The Quiet Luxury Interior Styling Trend

Trends come and go, but this one has been gaining traction for a while and is set to be ageless. Known as “quiet luxury”, this movement started in fashion but has now found its home in decor: defined by a mood that’s warm, welcoming and calm, its love affair with neutral colours, beautiful craftsmanship and an overall sense of understated elegance is a refreshing elixir for today’s busy lives.

To achieve this relaxed yet refined ethos, take note of quiet luxury’s touchstones:

Gentle, muted and natural tones

Omit bright and unexpected pops of colour: quiet luxury dazzles with off whites (beige, cream, taupe, ivory) and soft nature-inspired tones (light greys, greens and blues) that subtly set the peaceful mood. The layering of these soft tones, through wall colours, furniture, rugs and drapery, evokes a timeless, restrained feeling of luxury that soothes the soul.

Quality, timeless materials

There’s no showiness about this style, with the simple gratification of superior quality rather than cheap, throw-away items. From choices such as marble benchtops, to solid-wood tables, granite-topped coffee tables, wool rugs, linen curtains and stone bathtubs, these functional yet high-end materials stand the test of time and whisper luxury with their sumptuous textures and innate connection to the natural world.

Love of light

Key to the luxurious mood is lighting, both natural and beautifully man-made. Open spaces with generous windows and doors that open to the outside to let mood-improving sunlight to stream in, paired with carefully placed, atmospheric and warm-toned illumination – such as table lamps in the living room, wall lights in the bathroom and pendants over a dining table – bring a soothing ambience that infuses sophistication. Masses of super-bright downlights or fluorescent tube lights are nowhere to be found in this functional, considered look.

Artisan, unexpected pieces

Part of this look’s appeal is its homely yet stylishly curated atmosphere. Embracing one-of-a-kind, subtle pieces, such as bespoke wall lights, handmade ceramics, an eye-catching art piece and even unexpected yet luxurious textiles such as velvet or fur, add a warm, personal element that hums lived-in elegance.

Less is more

Rather than the clinical minimalism of the past, quiet luxury embraces a warm simplicity that calms, favouring a functional, styled space that is filled just enough with things that are loved. Free from clutter and with an understated look, negative space is celebrated to let the eyes rest and the thoughtfully chosen, quality items truly sing.

Speaking volumes about serenity, quality and understated sophistication, you don’t need showy big-brand names or a bottomless bank account, just an appreciation for fine craftsmanship and a hankering for tranquility, and this quiet luxury style can be patiently honed in your home, in your own good time.


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