Top tips for selling in winter

When warm weather strikes and an abundance of flowers burst into bloom, it has traditionally been the time people choose to sell a home. Spring and summer see property listings surge, but sellers are cottoning on to the advantages of putting up that “For Sale” board in winter. With a slightly different approach, that coveted sold sticker could be up in no time with these tips, tailored to help property shine in this cold and rainy time of year.

Captivate with curb appeal.

The importance of curb appeal never fades, no matter the season. First impressions count, and with fewer homes on the market, it’s an opportunity to strike out and attract attention. Clean up the remnants of autumn – rake away leaves, sticks, branches – and give your path or driveway a thorough wash to clear dirt. A tidy home is a welcoming one, so don’t neglect the facade. If your house is weatherboard, pressure clean or wipe down the boards. Wash windows and empty gutters. Last, but not least, mow the lawn, attend to your foliage and cut back anything that is overgrown. Make your front entrance a joyful, immaculate space with the addition of some pot plants studded with seasonal colour, such as lavender, cyclamen, paper daisies or geraniums. If you have room, planting winter blooms in the front garden is an eye-catching, smart way to create vibrancy and the impression of a well-maintained home.

Get snug and warm.

It is likely to be raining, hailing or freezing outside, but that’s a golden opportunity for your home to become a snug and warm haven. Buyers will feel embraced and welcomed by a cosy abode, so sellers’ first priority should be to turn on some form of heating. Take it a step further by baking something in the oven – perhaps a cinnamon-spiced apple cake or a hearty pie – to not only raise the temperature, but greet would-be buyers with a scent to soothe winter blues. Soft furnishings are like a snazzy jacket for the indoors: cushions and throws on couches and beds stimulate the senses with a snug atmosphere and add texture, along with a feeling of warmth.

Celebrate the light.

Besides warmth, light is a sellers’ best friend. Amplify a property’s natural light by opening curtains and blinds. A home bathed in sunlight is one of buyers’ top priorities, making it feel larger and more airy. Sun also stimulates our brains to produce the feel-good chemical serotonin, leaving those it touches with a happy feeling. But don’t fret if the sun is hard to come by because mood lighting is also crucial. Refrain from drowning the property in light by turning on every switch – use a mixture of lighting sources, such as floor lamps and ceiling lights to create a relaxed atmosphere. For example, use a table lamp on a lounge side table to accent the cosy sitting space or turn on a floor lamp facing towards an artwork. Using layered light this way infuses a space with an enticing, inviting ambience.

Capitalise on colour.

When it’s grey and bleak outside, our mood and senses are buoyed by colour. Use rich and warm hues to spice up and give your property an on-trend, seasonal boost to make it stand out and look well-cared for. Whether it be cushions, throws, rugs and blankets, or even napery and bath mats, hand towels or art and wall hangings, adopting contemporary, in vogue colours is an easy and quick route to a winter makeover. Nature-inspired hues such as olive green and dusky blue, as well as earthy tones including mustard, rust and stone, help create a cold-weather sanctuary that feels wonderfully fresh.

Curate an outdoor cold-weather retreat.

Remind buyers that summer isn’t the only time to enjoy the outdoors, and make your property feel larger, by creating a cosy outdoor space. Whether it be under a verandah, or on a balcony, patio or deck, an inviting retreat outdoors can be your trump card to a sale. A comfy chair or two and a table, dressed with cushions, a throw or blankets, or even an outdoor heater, festoon lighting or a fire pit, will give a home an edge over properties that forget about enjoying the crisp outdoor air. The option of outdoor living in winter is a dynamic one.

It may be chilly and wet, but winter is no longer left out in the cold when it comes to selling property and these simple tips are the ticket to warming buyers’ hearts.


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