Common Mistakes to Avoid as a First-Time Home Buyer

Deciding to step into the realm of homeownership is thrilling, but also slightly overwhelming. A first-time home buyer will likely encounter a swathe of new concepts and processes they never anticipated, which makes finding the right information to rely on so critical.  

As you think of buying a property in Melbourne, especially in a market as diverse and dynamic as ours, you must arm yourself with knowledge. In this article, our specialists at Noel Jones will unveil some common pitfalls you’d do well to sidestep.


1. Not Researching the Location

Location, location, location. 

If you ask even the most seasoned property investors and developers across the nation, the one lesson they would bestow upon you is that location is everything.

Melbourne, renowned for its vibrant culture, is equally diverse when it comes to its property landscape. Many are drawn to the allure of houses for sale in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. And why not? With its verdant parks and prime accessibility, it’s a favourite for many. But every suburb has its unique character, pros, and cons. 

You want to review whether the area is a smart investment for you to place your money (i.e., is there an opportunity for growth), but is it a smart move for you and your family’s lifestyle? For example, are there plenty of amenities nearby? Is it close to work and schools? 

Don’t just fall for the first attractive house you see. Dive deeper, explore, and understand the neighbourhood.


2. Overlooking New Developments

Often, nostalgia can drive a purchase. While Victorian or Edwardian homes have their charm, don’t turn a blind eye to new houses for sale in Melbourne. Contemporary homes often come with modern amenities, energy efficiencies, and less immediate maintenance. They might just be the canvas you need to paint your dream home on.


3. Poor Negotiation Strategies

The art of negotiation has been studied since time began, and one of the most prominent transactions where this skill can really help you is in real estate.

When buying a home for the first time, there is a risk that when you make an offer, you will either lowball, risk alienation, or overshoot, burdening yourself with a lofty mortgage. 

So, how do you achieve the right price? Well, in researching the location, you should see what similar properties have sold for, and use that information to reach a fair and equitable dollar figure. A seasoned real estate agent can also help be your compass, guiding you to the right price with their intimate industry knowledge. 

Remember, every dollar saved now is a dollar earned for the future.


4. Not Getting Pre-Approved for a Loan

Imagine finding your dream home only to realise it’s just beyond reach. Heartbreaking, isn’t it? This is why understanding how to apply for a home loan for a first-time buyer is crucial. 

Pre-approval is when a lender reviews your income and existing assets and decides to lend you an amount of money (before you even know which house you would like to purchase). This not only gives you clarity on your budget but also adds weight to your offer in the eyes of the seller. After all, a seller is far more likely to sell to a prospective buyer who has their funding at the ready, rather than one whose funding might fall through.


5. Failing to Conduct Professional Inspections

You’re buying a home for the first time. It’s easy to get swept away by the modern kitchen or the landscaped garden, feeling like you need to make a fast sale before someone comes in and swoops the deal from under you. 

But what about the foundation? The roofing? Professional inspections can unearth hidden problems like structural instability or pest infestations, ensuring you don’t end up with a bottomless money pit.


6. Ignoring Additional and Hidden Costs

While buying a property in Melbourne, many first-timers focus solely on the purchase price. But the financial landscape is more intricate. There’s stamp duty, legal fees, inspection costs, and much more. Factor in all expenses to develop a fuller picture and ensure you aren’t caught off-guard.


7. Failing to Understand the Local Market Trends

Melbourne’s real estate market is like a river—always flowing, always changing. Today’s hotbed might be tomorrow’s lull zone. An investment should be strategic, understanding where the tide is going. Whether you’re drawn to the eastern suburbs or looking elsewhere, be informed about the area’s growth trajectory.


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