Six Spring Garden Tips

Spring is the perfect time to shower attention on our garden. Your outdoors will look as fresh a daisy with these six simple steps to take your yard or terrace out of winter’s doldrums.

Weed, prune and tidy.
Winter’s rain gives to birth to weeds, so now’s the time to tidy up garden beds, weed the lawn, clear out unwanted growth and any other rubble and debris, such as fallen flowers and branches. Prune trees, shrubs and bushes, such as camellia bushes, evergreen hedges and roses, to encourage new growth and maintain a healthy plant. Rake and clear pathways, decks and terraces, and whip into shape garden borders.

Fertilise and mulch.
To support new spring growth and maintain plant health, fertilising and mulching is a must-do. It renews your garden with a refreshed and well-kept appearance, protects plants from summer’s heat (and that early-morning cold spring air) and boosts soil quality. Before you mulch, give garden beds a dusting of slow-release fertiliser to keep your plants well-fed and thriving all season long.

Inject colour.
Brighten up and delight with spring flowers and shrubs that add fancy and fragrance. Planting spring jewels such as daisies, dahlias, marigolds and lavender will enliven your garden and deliver welcome cheer after winter. Whether in garden beds or pots, blooms are a simple but impressive way to rejuvenate an outdoor space.

Attend to your lawn.
There’s nothing like frolicking barefoot on green, velvety grass, but it needs a head start after cold weather. After weeding, aerate the soil with a garden fork (or specially designed shoes!). Identify patchy areas and, depending how big they are, cover with healthy grass from an inconspicuous area or invest in some roll-out turf. Last, top-dress the lawn with a rake to even out any bumps and then fertilise for optimal results.

Plant summer crops and herbs.
If you fancy devouring homegrown produce, now is the time to plant veggies and herbs to last until winter. Carrot, capsicum, lettuce, broccoli and onion are just a handful of good choices for Melbourne gardens, with herbs such as parsley, thyme, dill and coriander a smart and flavour-packed choice.

Create something special.
Our gardens are our sanctuary, so why not sweeten spring with something new that gladdens the heart. How about a feeding area for local birds with a seed-dispenser and complementary plants, a children’s fairy or gnome garden with its own flowers, a fire pit for adults or perhaps a new native garden bed to encourage the local wildlife? Whatever takes your fancy.

Now that spring has sprung, a little time spent labouring in your garden will reward you with a relaxing and beautiful space throughout the sunny months.


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